Product Owner


Role details:

Title: Product Owner

Management: Reports to CTO

Team: Tech & Product

Employment Term: Full Time

Remote Working Policy: Up to 10 weeks per year

What they are crafting:

Exciting times are underway, our client experiences rapid growth. Their engineering team is passionately dedicated to crafting distinctive and innovative tech products for both our internal teams and clients, empowering them to consistently deliver cutting-edge influencer marketing services on a global scale.

As a Product Owner, you will collaborate closely with the CTO on these dynamic engineering projects, offering you the opportunity to leave a lasting imprint across the agency.

The following outlines the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities expected for this role:

  1. Develop an in-depth understanding of our products, users, and business objectives, ensuring that all backlog and feature requests align with user requirements and business imperatives.
  2. Strategize and collaborate with the CTO to devise product-led growth strategies demonstrable in both the UK and US.
  3. Oversee our daily progress, tickets, weekly standups, and monthly milestones, providing regular project progress and feature deployment updates to the CTO.
  4. Conceptualize and execute features and functionalities aligned with our goals, prioritize the backlog, and monitor changes and updates. Maintain comprehensive documentation on functional requirements, user guides, and walkthroughs.
  5. Collaborate with the CTO, Product team, engineering team, and key stakeholders to define, refine, and recommend features and functional requirements that maximize positive impact on both users and business objectives. Innovate and develop new product features and tech-enabled solutions in tandem.
  6. Spearhead our product sprint output and schedule, ensuring timely delivery within our development cycles and possessing a strong understanding of agile, iterative sprints.
  7. Analyze and validate product analytics, conducting A/B tests to identify key issues and blockers.
  8. Conduct regular benchmarking, competitor analysis, and independent user research to compile and storyboard ideas and inspiration that inform and guide our product journey.
  9. Critique and provide feedback to optimize user experience across our engineering products, leveraging insights from stakeholder workshops and user feedback.
  10. Regularly share knowledge, ideate, and present trends and insights.

About you

You are action-oriented, with a hands-on approach rather than merely delegating tasks. Possessing a solid understanding of SCRUM principles, product owner responsibilities, and product management, particularly within software or app development, you are driven by curiosity about user interactions with their products. Continuously seeking ways to enhance the product experience through feature improvements or quality-of-life updates, you strive to elevate their product to the next level. A natural leader, you excel in clear communication and collaboration with a diverse array of stakeholders and their engineering team. Your focus is on improving user journeys, streamlining end-user tasks, and enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of our tech products to meet both business objectives and user needs. Ideally, you should have:

  • Previous experience (minimum 3 years) within a product or engineering team in a reputable SaaS company or development agency in the UK.
  • Strong, demonstrable capabilities in:
  • Product Management: Specifically as a product owner within software platforms or app projects.
  • Proactive management and leadership of development sprint schedules and continuous-improvement iterative cycles, with a deep understanding of user experience and design-led product management priorities.
  • Strong communication skills with an entrepreneurial mindset, capable of effectively marketing our products and gaining alignment with stakeholders.
  • Commitment to improving the product experience through usability testing, proactive gathering of user feedback, and translating feedback into prioritized features and functionality.
  • Ability to work within continuous iterative sprint workflows, sometimes requiring quick decision-making and regular standups.
  • Appreciation of iterative improvement over aiming for total perfection, along with an experimental mindset and willingness to test new ideas.
  • Strong interpersonal skills for effective collaboration with developers, clients, and internal teams.
  • Excellent attention to detail, proactive problem-solving skills, and strong communication abilities, including writing and presentation.
  • A team player who enjoys collaborative working, sharing ideas, and embracing different perspectives.
  • An enthusiastic, can-do attitude with a desire to learn and grow. It would be beneficial if you have:
  • University degree, ideally at the MA level.
  • At least 3 years of work experience in a similar role in a SaaS or development agency in the UK.
  • Strong awareness of SCRUM/Agile methodologies.
  • Previous developer experience is highly desirable but not necessary.

For further details regarding our client, including benefits and package information, please feel free to apply and reach out to us!