Director of Marketing

$160,000 - $200,000

We are seeking an experienced Marketing leader to run our clients global Marketing function from the US and further promote the companies platform. As an organization, they have been transitioning how they speak about the product, how they sell, and how they approach the market. This is an exciting time in the company, and this person would report to the CEO and work closely with Sales. We are looking for someone who has experience in the marketing software world and can take the team and their goals to new heights with the right strategy.

Key responsibilities:

  • Manage and guide a team that includes several disciplines today: Demand Generation, Social, PR, Partner Marketing, and Content.
  • Be a player/coach to ensure they are executing a proper strategy globally and setting themselves up for sustained success.
  • Review current marketing trends to determine the effectiveness of different styles and strategies for selling and positioning their software.
  • Analyse sales numbers, and be very data driven, in comparison to the marketing budget to find the profit margin and which campaigns were most effective.
  • Research competitors to stay current with similar products or services on the market to ensure we stay ahead of the curve.
  • Work with the sales, customer success, and marketing departments to develop successful strategies and campaigns that attract new customers and keep     current clients.
  • Collaborate with other executives to make high-level decisions regarding the budget and the direction of the company.
  • Create and maintain a successful brand and image that attracts customers to the company platform.
  • Identify short- and long-term scheduling and resource needs, including development and management of annual marketing budget, profit-and-loss projections,     and expenditures.
  • Understand key performance metrics and tracking tools for market research, forecasts, competitor analyses, campaign results, and consumer trends, and translate results into actionable insights for marketing team.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Innovation and creativity to create brand new strategies that attract customers and succeed over the competition.
  • Ability to lead groups and be decisive.
  • Collaborative skills to accept and incorporate ideas into strategies.
  • Time management and organization to meet strict deadlines.
  • Ability to recognize trends and stay ahead of them.
  • Proficient with Hubspot, Advertising platforms, design, and PR.
  • Successful track record in senior marketing role and campaign creation
  • Excellent leadership, communication, and decision-making skills
  • Experience in digital, content marketing, PR, and social media marketing.
  • Proven ability to plan and manage budgets.
  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in marketing, advertising, or communications
  • Established roster of media and PR contacts
  • Desire to grow professionally through ongoing education.